Sunday, April 2, 2017

Negura Bunget

I would like to state from the beginning that this article was not in my plan anytime soon, but unfortunately I've started writing it as soon as I heard about Negru's death.
Negru - Negura Bunget
He was the drummer and percussionist of the band and one of the founding members. During his career, he vas a pioneer for the romanian metal and underground scene, having a massive contribution in implementing the mentality that an independent artist and record label should have.

I know this because more than 15 years ago I was having a correspondence via email with him personally. I was a kid back then, but I was a hard metal listener and I really appreciated this band, and also Negru (Black)'s effort in supporting the industry. I learned something from the few emails we exchanged. Negura Bunget back then represented also an era of a movement, spiritually and religiously but also cultural. He was responsible for a couple of FanZines (magazines) that I know is a lot of work. In his case they had success, but the time and effort he put in it didn't compensate. Rest In Peace!

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